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Excellium Diesel


  • NEW : Up to 93% less dirt deposits in the engine on the diesel injectors compared to a fuel without specific additives.
  • Designed to protect both old and new engines
  • Thanks to the addition of new detergents, your engine and injectors are kept clean and protected.
  • Cleans your engine with every refueling

EXCELLIUM, a new generation of fuels:

  • A clean engine consumes less
  • A clean engine lasts longer
  • A clean engine pollutes less

Discover the benefits of  EXCELLIUM Diesel

Now even more benefits with EXCELLIUM Diesel:

  • Compatible with 100% of diesel engines
  •  Facilitates starting the engine at low temperatures
  •  Facilitates your refueling thanks to less foaming, which leads to less spillage.
  •  Protects your diesel filter
  •  Contains biofuels, in line with legislation


Cetaangetal Average 54
The main ingredients and additives Cleaning, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and anti-foam additives, demulsifier, improved cold performance, friction modifiers, fragrances and procetane
For which engines? All types of diesel vehicles

* Compared to a fuel without the addition of specific additives