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Registratie in TotalEnergies' leveranciersdatabase

If you and your organization want to get in touch with TotalEnergies, you can leave your company details here  by registering .

You are also requested to  disclose the  sector in which you work  and your "package of services and / or goods ". This can be done by indicating the code used within TotalEnergies  on our form . The code can be found in our "Goods & Services List" which you can view and / or download here.

The codes used are listed in the last "green" column. If you want to indicate multiple products / services, you must separate the different codes by a;

A maximum of 30 codes can be entered per form, if you want to register more than 30 products / services with us, please register several forms.


Only forms that are fully completed and correctly coded will be processed by us and stored in the supplier database.

Your details will be included  in our supplier database  and you will then be contacted by TotalEnergies if necessary.


For removal from this database and / or other questions you can send an email to:

[email protected]